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From the moment Thunder took his first step, it was clear that his footsteps would make quite an impression on the world around him.
The tiny elephant’s life was pretty much perfect until one fateful night when poachers crept into it. In the cloak of darkness, they sprang on his herd separating him from his mother and the rest of the African pygmy herd. After a harrowing escape, Thunder must dig deep inside to find the courage to find his way home. With helpful friends and the watchful eye of the Great Tusker in the sky, Thunder’s journey is the adventure of a lifetime.

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"The time spent around elephants is almost like a meditation. They embody all the things we find noble about ourselves and none of the things we hate about our species. They have language, compassion, altruism—all these things we once thought were uniquely human traits. It's so profound to be in direct connection with an elephant, you want to assist them and be their voice." —Dereck Joubert

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The pre-development animated artwork on Thunder for VR television was completed by Len Simon Animation.


Thunder Pencil Test

Soma the Rhino

Penelope the African Grey Parrot

Frederick the Pink Flamingo

Riley the Hippo

One tiny elephant, one gigantic adventure…

A search for adventure may get Thunder more than he bargained for. He never expected to find himself alone again, but the footprints left by his mother will be his guide to healing and finding his way. On his journey he finds himself making some new friends: Razor, a grumpy lion; Dash, a speedy genet; Archie, a chatty lizard, and two whimsical gorillas, Harold and Neville. A trip back to the caves reunites Thunder with old friends, and together they join forces to save the day and help Thunder find peace.
A story of perseverance and courage…

Thunder is on the ultimate quest to fulfill his destiny. Tasked with finding Hope Haven, Thunder sets out to discover the mystery of Hope Haven with his friends Razor, a solitary lion; Dash, a spotted genet; and Archie, a black banded monitor lizard. When they discover that Hope Haven is a sanctuary for abandoned and injured animals, Thunder stumbles upon more than he bargained for. He must find the courage to protect those that he loves once and for all.
Courage has no bounds….

A great tusker is in trouble, and destiny calls Thunder again.

When a great tusker is captured by the uprights, Tusker’s mate, Thandi, seeks out the legendary Thunder to save her mate.

Thunder and Razor are on a rescue mission, and time isn’t on their side. And when a young gifted boy, Jabari, drops from the trees wanting to help, Thunder is unsure what to trust, instinct or his heart. He could use the boy’s help, but uprights got them into this mess in the first place….
We can be remembered as one of the organizations that assisted in stopping all forms of animal abuse and poaching around the world. What do you want to be remembered for?

Arkwatch Foundation, saving and educating the world one animal and plant at a time.

"If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa."

John Hemingway

Magic and wonder fill our world in ways we can never comprehend. Sometimes it brings together the most unlikely of friends. This is one of those stories.

One young cub and one teenage girl are about to learn that our differences are what make us special. Every so often, a Spirit Bear is born in our world bringing hope and peace, but her story does not start that way.

From the moment Aurora was born, the tiny white bear cub stood out from the rest of the grizzly bears of the Great Bear Rainforest. Aurora tries to live her life just like any other cub but is soon picked on for being different. When she has had enough of their cruelty, Aurora runs away from her home on the mountainside glen. She has no idea that her adventures will lead her to a human girl who will teach her how to accept herself and be brave in a world that seems set against her.

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Welcome to the
Arkwatch Foundation

Our Plan

Why Us?
What We Do

Arkwatch Foundation dedicates itself to some of the most pressing environmental problems in the history of the planet: the depletion of rare animal species by man-made and environmental forces, global warming, the degradation of threatened eco-systems, the health impact of environmental change, and the pressing need for educational advancement in the world.

Arkwatch Foundation will join a growing number of individuals and organizations spreading a protective umbrella over those endangered creatures, who are victimized by outlaw forces or environmental stress.

This foundation supports efforts to reunite poached animals with their indigenous environments, establish safe havens that protect them and allow controlled breeding before their reintroduction; educate all interested people who care for the planet, or who are just discovering the magnitude of our environmental problems. 

The Arkwatch Foundation was formed to provide the citizens of Arizona, United States, and peoples of the world an environmental and educational service entity, which operates within the organizations created by Erik Daniel Shein: organizations created for the promotion and distribution of their entertainment products, many of which are connected to environmental and educational goals and objectives. To work with state federal and global agencies to protect and preserve the earths flora and fauna with education and imagination:
  • Recognize that human - animal interactions take many forms;
  • Recognize that human beings are an integral part of any solution to an animal or environmental issue; serve as a resource for groups and individuals dedicated to responsible animal care;
  • Provide information to reporters and writers for articles, news broadcasts and books;
  • Devise and support reasonable solutions to animal welfare and environmental issues;
  • Host conferences to highlight topical issues, and share animal welfare efforts and successes;
  • Have a speakers bureau and provide experts to media, classrooms and public policy makers;
  • Conduct campaigns and offer resolutions to help animals and animal owners;
  • Offer a library of information about various animal-related subjects;
  • Support the wise and thoughtful use of natural resources.

Our sister company, Arkwatch Holdings LLC, is the is intellectual property library owners of Thunder an Elephant Journey; Aurora Spirit Bear of the North; Seed Krackers, Legend of Hushma; Darwin, A Tortoises Wish; The Monsterjunkies Universe; The Forgotten Ornament; Apple the Racing Cow; books, story ideas, and characters are trademarks and registered trademarks of Arkwatch Holdings LLC, all rights reserved.
A portion of the revenues earned by these intellectual properties will be distributed in the following categories under our declaration statement.
Arkwatch Foundation Declaration Statement
Arkwatch Foundation is a non-profit entity that dedicates itself to some of the most pressing environmental problems in the history of the planet: the depletion of rare animal species by man-made and environmental forces, global warming, the degradation of threatened eco-systems, the health impact of environmental change, and the pressing need for educational advancement in the world.

Arkwatch Foundation will join a growing number of individuals and organizations spreading a protective umbrella over those endangered creatures, who are victimized by outlaw forces or environmental stress.

This foundation supports efforts to reunite poached animals with their indigenous environments, establish safe havens that protect them and allow controlled breeding before their reintroduction; educate all interested people who care for the planet, or who are just discovering the magnitude of our environmental problems.

The foundation will build an endowment to provide scholarships to young people who are pursuing careers in the sciences or the arts that help interpret and support the environment.

The foundation will also support the general educational needs of stressed or special needs communities.

The foundation will purchase land for sanctuaries and wildlife preserves or support existing entities, and coordinate with other environmental and complementary groups to insure successful completion of all foundations objectives.

The foundation will solicit and receive funds from any concerned people or organizations who wish to champion the goals we've outlined. Donated money and a portion of the revenue earned from enterprises created by Shein will be channeled into the three following areas:

The Sanctuary Science Endowment Fund—This actively managed fund will use its accumulated gifts and donations to buy land for development of wildlife preserves and parks in both rural and urban locales. This fund will receive land, gifts, money, and, if necessary, trade or lease property to achieve foundation's goals. Buying land adjacent to National or State Parks to insure sustainability of eco-systems and wildlife would be one such a goal for this fund. 

The Scholarship Fund—This actively managed fund will award stipends and grants to students and educators whose career goals will serve environmental study and support. This fund will also support students and educators in the sciences and creative arts, and sponsor educational programs at a variety of levels, depending on need and circumstance.

The Development Fund—This fund’s resources from investor donations provides for the development of entertainment products that serve the environmental, entertainment, and educational ideas and themes created by Shein and Reker. Anything from children’s books to a full blown motion picture production could be funded from this source. It’s very important to note the foundation’s first financial obligation is to completely replenish these original investment monies to the foundation, and then as the product starts to earn revenue from that original investment, that revenue will accrue to the foundation at an agreed upon rate acceptable to the original investor and the foundation’s directors.

Complete transparency and full disclosure of all financial arrangements is a preeminent operational reality of the foundation to insure that the agreed terms conform to appropriate non-profit standards and statutes. Legal oversight will occur to ensure agreements satisfy all parties and ensure that the foundation will receive appropriate compensation.

The foundation also reserves the right to invest in other stocks, bonds, or investment instruments as it sees fit to advance the foundations objectives.

All donator/investors within the development fund should be made aware of the inherent risks with such a donation, since the money they contribute will create products subject to the whims of the free market.


Our Mission

Arkwatch Foundation dedicates itself to solving some of the most pressing environmental problems in the history of the Earth: the depletion of rare animal and plant species.
For Sancho the penguin and Paolo the lava lizard, life on the Galapagos island is filled with one lazy day after the next. Sancho wants more, and when he finds an egg on the beach, he is ready to claim it as his own. The prospect of being an “uncle” fills him with excitement he can’t contain, so he convinces his best friend Paolo to help him. So when the egg hatches and a tortoise emerges, the pair are at first shocked, then smitten with their hatchling. Sancho lovingly names him Darwin.
The years fly by on their peaceful island, and Darwin grows into an intelligent and curious tortoise with a thirst for adventure. An avid inventor, like Sancho, Darwin creates a raft that will take them on their first adventure. They learn of the tortoises on Isabela Island, and before long they are on a quest to find them.
When they are rescued by Admiral Ignatius, a marine iguana, they learn that Queen Esmerelda, a pink marine iguana, is holding the tortoises of the island captive and slowly starving them. Admiral Ignatius is the leader for the rebellion against the queen’s rule, but his army isn’t large enough to rise up against her. When Darwin formulates a plan that will save everyone on Isabela Island from the queen’s rule, the admiral pulls together his troops and they all pitch in to help.
Can one tortoise make a difference against impossible odds? Find out in Darwin, A Galapagos Story.

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The Legend of Secret Pass

A Major Motion Picture

Copyright 2017 - 2020 Lords Productions

A boy must face his fears to become a legend…

If his family had told him that he would one day be a legendary guardian of Secret Pass, Manu would have laughed in their faces. Guardian, ha!

All twelve-year-old Manu wanted to do was off-road race with his truck Windflier. When a strange dark magic makes its way through the mesa, Manu finds himself surrounded by dust devils, thunderbirds, and a ragtag group of animals that are trying to make their way to Natocchue, a place that protects animals from the outside world. His family is harboring a deep secret that is filled with magic and mystery, one that Manu isn’t sure he is ready for, but the woman in the wind has chosen him to be the next guardian.

When the sinister Calabar uses his mystical powers on Manu and his family, it is up to Manu to save the day. Will he be able to keep Calabar from stealing the magic song the woman in the wind has entrusted him with or will Calabar gain entrance to Natocchue and end life as they knew it?

Our Board Members

  1. Erik Daniel Shein was born Erik Daniel Stoops, November 18th 1966 He is an American writer, and visionary, film producer, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, and philanthropist, pet enthusiast and animal health advocate . He is the author and co authored of over 30 nonfiction and fiction books whose writings include six scientific articles in the field of herpetology. His children’s book, “The Forgotten Ornament” is a Christmas classic, and was endorsed by Hollywood legends Mickey and Jan Rooney.
    Erik Daniel Shein
  2. Courtney has worked within the conservation and animal welfare field for 25 years. With a diverse background in biology, law and environmental policy, she has provided leadership for diverse domestic and international outreach and policy initiatives. Courtney has served as a campaigner, strategic planner, and director of programs for numerous non-governmental organizations focused on animal welfare and conservation, and always with a passion for seeking balanced solutions that promote understanding and empathy. Because environmental policy always has a social element and often involves intractable or enduring conflict, Courtney’s approach has been to engage with all stakeholders and forge collaborative alliances to achieve incremental progress towards a brighter future for all living creatures. Having also held positions within several Government agencies and the private sector, she has worked from within and outside of the regulatory frameworks that guide national and international policy and management.
    Courtney S. Vail
  3. L.M. Reker is an educator and Author and has written for many years with very diverse groups: gifted, developmental English, Humanities, and courses in critical thinking, up to his current position of college professor of English. He has written for an Associated Press newspaper in New Mexico, advertising agencies in Phoenix and LA, has helped write and produce two college texts, and became an assistant chair in the English Department after only one year with that group. He currently collaborates with Mr. Shein on various projects books and film.
    L. M. Reker
  4. Award winning Author and CEO of World Castle Publishing, LLC. She writes Paranormal Adult Romance as well as Young Adult Fiction. She is happy to be part of this wonderful project.
    Karen Fuller
  5. Sherrie Stoops is an animal healthcare advocate who donates her time to helping choice animal charities in the state of Arizona and California Sherrie; is also a multi-million dollar licensed producer, with 28 solid years of experience.She gives personal dedicated one-on-one service real estate markets and putting business people together for the greater good.
    Sherri Stoope
  6. Since his retirement from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2003, he has remained active professionally as a consultant, writer, editor, and educator. His writing and editing has been primarily in the fields of fish biology, fish culture, and fisheries management. He has placed special emphasis on issues related to animal welfare, the use of live animals in research, and the use of propagated fish in resource management.
    Dr. John G Nickum
  7. Mary Jo Nickum, a Roman Catholic since birth, has always been fascinated by her namesake, Mary, the mother of Jesus. When she turned from technical writing to writing for children, researching and writing about the Blessed Virgin Mary became a reality. Her first book for children, Mom’s Story, a Child Learns about MS, is fictionalized nonfiction written for families from a child’s perspective. A Girl Named Mary is her first ‘tween historical novel. Mary Jo resides with her husband in Fountain Hills, Arizona. She has two grown sons.
    Mary J Nickum
  8. Born in Southern Illinois, Melissa Davis fell in love with reading from an early age, so much so that she started writing when she was in the second grade. From poetry, to short stories, she has a love for it all. When she was in high school she attended Illinois Summer School for the Arts at Illinois State University, which lead her to attend the university. After graduating with a Bachelors in Education, Melissa taught for several years until her children were born, allowing her to fulfill two dreams at once: motherhood and penning her first books.
    Melissa Davis
  9. Mr. Nebgen has been practicing entertainment law as a copyright attorney and intellectual property attorney for close to twenty (20) years. He has been involved in the entertainment industry for over forty (40) years. His clients include film, television and theatre companies, actors/actresses, musicians and many authors and painters. He counsels clients regarding business formation, intellectual property matters in motion pictures and music copyright laws and trademarks, contract negotiations, and other corporate law matters. Mr. Nebgen has also been called as an "expert witness" regarding entertainment issues in various litigation matters.
    Stephen Wade Nebgen
  10. Barbara K. Nixon is a videographer, photographer, writer, and editor with ArkWatch Productions. She’s worked as an instructional designer, training facilitator, educational multimedia producer, as well as teacher for grades K-8. Barbara has written, directed, and produced numerous educational videos, and won a Telly Award for her scriptwriting of a science video for middle/high school audiences. She is a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers.
    Barbara K. Nixon
  11. Theresa A. Gates is a screenplay writer, novelist, editor, and subject matter expert with ArkWatch Productions. Theresa is a licensed psychologist. She co-wrote The Monsterjunkies: An American Family Odyssey, The Monsterjunkies: Sanctuary, and the graphic novel version of The Monsterjunkies: An American Family Odyssey, with Erik Shein. She is a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers.
    Theresa A. Gates
Up, up, and away! Pani and Omo are off to a new adventure to seek out new life forms and most importantly, new food. When the starving pelican and seagull discover a colony of seed krackers, they had no idea how much their life would change. If they had not stopped on the small seed kracker island, they would never meet the amazing Cloud Dancer, Marama, who would lead them on the best adventure yet, to the legendary Hushma.

While on Hushma, the seed krackers and their newfound friends must help foil the plot of the rebel Komodo Dragons who want to bring chaos and discord to the peaceful land of Hushma.
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Samantha Taylor is not your average teenager. From the moment she could speak, her first words were filled with questions of the way things worked around her. With a father who fostered her love of science, mirroring his own, Sam is fascinated with genetics and computer programming, two things that have been known to get her into trouble from time to time. While her eccentricities might make it difficult to make friends at her school, she does have one friend, Charlie, a teenage boy who dreams of one day becoming a paleontologist due to his obsession with all things primordial. Especially after the two of them discover the fossil of a triceratops in the back of his uncle’s property.

Sam’s world seems complete, until one life-altering accident bumps it off its axis, sending her into a tailspin she cannot control. When her best friend Charlie is in a coma, Sam feels the only way to bring him back is to create the one thing he dreamed of seeing his entire life, a living breathing dinosaur. She spends every waking hour, creating a virtual reality program that will help her manipulate the genetic code trapped within the rocks that contain the primordial DNA. The DNA of the triceratops they found has been preserved far beneath the earth.

She knew she could crack the code, but the consequences were never figured into the equation….

Sam is catapulted into mass chaos as helicopters fly over her house, and she finds that everything she thought was true is tarnished in deception. The consequences of her actions have them fleeing for their lives….
Hardback ISBN: 9781629899893
Paperback ISBN: 9781629899909
eBook ISBN: 9781629899916

Release Date 03/19/2019

Through the Mortal Veil

From the moment their parents moved them into the ancient relic of a house, Indigo Monsterjunkie finds herself in a world beyond her worst imaginations. The wallpaper walls and clawfoot bathtub makes it clear the house was built long before the beginning of time. Their house isn’t even wired for the internet! To top it off her room is—pink! Like bubblegum pink, the pale pasty kind that ballerina girls would die for, but not Indigo. And while that might seem like the worst thing that could happen to a goth girl like herself, something even worse is lurking in the shadows.

The only thing that makes the move bearable is the fact that her twin brother Crow is just as miserable as she is. The moment the teens turn sixteen, their lives take a bizarre turn as a dormant magic awakes within them. They are called to the one place that keeps them safe from the things that go bump in the night: the mortal veil.

As they slip through the veil, they find that their destiny awaits on the other side. They must find a way to close the veil to keep their world safe from the evil that wishes to destroy it. Never one to back down from a challenge, Indigo is prepared to take on the trials ahead of her, but Hevexa is filled with dangers in all shapes and sizes, monsters that exist outside of her wildest imagination.

Will they be able to restore the veil before the monsters of Hevexa take over their world? Or would they lose themselves to the darkness on the other side?
Hardback ISBN: 9781949812497
Paperback ISBN: 9781949812503
eBook ISBN: 9781949812510

Release Date 04/19/2019


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The Forgotten Ornament

This Christmas tale tells the story of Willie Bear, a broken ornament who can't participate in a magical event where all of the intact ornaments acquire the ability to speak at midnight on Christmas Eve.

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October 10, 2017

A tale of love and compassion.

Kona loved everything about the ocean. The dolphin’s world was filled with interesting creatures and amazing colors that filled up every inch of space around her. When Kona was stolen from the only home she knows, she finds herself trapped inside four walls for the first time in her life. Her only friends are the rag-tag animals that scamper freely about the aquarium and Lily, an orca whale she can talk to through the tanks.

Twelve-year old Melanie hates to see the wild dolphin stuck within the Oasis Aquarium in the hot Arizona sun. Melanie may be young, but she was wise enough to know dolphins did not belong in the desert. When she is given the chance to befriend Kona, she takes it in hopes that it will make Kona’s world a little better. If anyone can understand life with limitations, it is Melanie. After being in remission for two years, her cancer has returned with a vengeance. When the Charlie’s Dream Foundation wants to make one of her dreams come true, Melanie decides she wants nothing more than to set Kona free. 

Will one girl’s love for a dolphin be enough to return her friend to the sea?

November 6, 2017

Oaktree Farm is a sanctuary for animals that need new homes. From the billowy white sheep, all the way down to the tiny little chicks, Farmer Hubbard has a respect for all animal lives. Rocket, a greyhound and former racing dog, has made Oaktree his home after several years on the racing circuit. He loves his home and the friends he has made along the way. He is happy in retirement, until new pups make their way to the farm.

Cody and Taz are completely infatuated with racing. The chocolate lab and Australian shepherd are always racing along the pasture fences pretending to be all time famous racers who they call ‘Rocket Hounds’ after the famous racer Rocket. At first, they have no idea that the greyhound at Oaktree is the infamous racer. The retired race horse on the farm also puts ideas in their heads.

When the pups sneak off to find the race track, Rocket has no other choice but to follow after them. After he finds himself back at the track, he must run the race of his life to bring the pups back home safely and save the other retired greyhounds from a gruesome fate. Can one old dog bring them all home?


2017 Book Excellence Award

January 15, 2018

A young warrior must rise above what he is to become what he was born to be…

Legend proclaimed that the Cloud Warriors would be the key to saving the Inca people, and the secret to all could be found on the top of Alahambra, a sheer mountain next to Machu Picchu in the Western Amazon Basin.

The young prince, Puri, had lost everything at a young age. An attack on his village took the only thing he had left—his loving grandfather. Lost and alone, the young boy learned to survive on his wit, despite his disability.

When Puri grew older, his Uncle Kamen, the warrior that stole his birthright and kingdom, threatened his people again, and Puri must rise above what he is to become who he was meant to be—what he was born to be…. Cloud Warriors

Available February 12, 2018

An 800-Year-Old Amulet Holds the Secret – The Legends are Real

The ancient magic that has been dormant for centuries will awaken and prove to the world that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear skirts, but only on special occasions. Because, really, let’s face it, how practical would a skirt be when you’re saving the world from the darkest magic known to man?

When fourteen-year-old Seraphina Miles is sent to live with her estranged archaeologist father, she has no idea she would be in for the adventure of a lifetime. When she finds a strange amulet hidden in the ruins of Machu Picchu, her boring summer is suddenly filled with a magic beyond her dreams. The amulet leads her to a golden egg in the middle of a burning fire. When the shell breaks, the phoenix hatchling nestled inside imprints on Sera. Their special connection sends her on a quest to find the missing stones which will give her the power to defeat the winged serpent that hides in the shadows.

If you love heart racing adventures filled with mystical creatures, magic older than time itself, and heroes that defy conventions, Sera’s story will keep you entertained until the very last page. The Call of the Phoenix is the first book in the Destined Guardian Series.

Available February 4, 2019

Evil stirs in the darkness. Seraphina Miles can feel it bleeding into the world around her, suffocating the life of every living creature. The shadows become its playground, while it stalks the new Guardian. Evil will not stop until it possesses the magic flowing through her veins.

Part of her wants to run as fast as her feet can carry her, but Sera’s destiny prevents her from giving in to her fears. Too much is at stake. Now that she is aligned with the elemental fire rippling just beneath the surface, the fourteen-year-old must learn to control her element without unleashing its rage onto the world around her.

With the mythical phoenix at her side, Sera’s next step is to align the winged serpent, Challis, with the next Guardian, so that the golden serpent can rise again. From the very moment Sera gives Maya her amulet, the two girls find themselves on a race against time. Maya must possess the courage to become the next Guardian and harness the elemental winds that whip around her. If the new Guardian cannot master her new powers, all will be lost.

With no room for error, the girls must combine their magic to protect the world from Bianca before she unleashes the deadliest creature to ever walk the earth.

My Way Back Home

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